Monday, February 10, 2020

Harassment in workplace Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Harassment in workplace - Essay Example Harassment cases may occur both on and off the job. They can occur at the working desk as well as in a corporate function. The law also states that one have the right to work in the hostile work environment that is not poisoned by harassment. Definitions categorize harassment in many types and law covers most of them but organizations should clearly define the nature of harassment while formulating policies at workplace. Harassment is conscious, offensive, verbal or non- verbal abusive behavior or act that aims to harm individual. One has to raise voice against harassment as it is misapply of power and control, it may be hiding of deficiencies like lack of management, or people skill or it may be lack of leadership quality. Harassers tend o project their deficiencies onto other making them feel upset, threatened and embarrassed or interferes with an individual’s ability to do his or her job. Workplace harassment cannot only cause serious damage to the performance of the victim at work but may also result in accumulation of work related stress in personal life as well. Organizations are pursuing different programs to teach employees at all levels and especially executives regarding the behavior; they need to exhibit while dealing with each other (Ellis-Christensen, 2009). Strategies for preventing, identifying and reporting on sexual harassment will surely help in declining work place harassment and it will encourage employees to stand against any harassment without any hesitation and undue influence. Legal cases have shown that discrimination at work place is also included in harassment. Nowadays, every organization develops its own code of ethical conducts that is desirable from the employees and elements of harassment are comprehensively covered into it. Each employee not only agrees to abide by these rules and regulations but also submit a signed consent form that holds legal values in case of a violation. However, apart from framing a

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