Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Due Process Video Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Due Process Video - Movie Review Example Thus the parent should be compensated for the financial expenses incurred in admitting Stephen to the private school with effective programs for learners having autism. The weakest witness in the due process hearing is the school district. This is because the district did not adopt an appropriate education standard and process for the learners experiencing the autism condition. The IEP requires the school district to provide appropriate and free education to all students experiencing disabilities. The most effective witnesses are the parents. This is because they adequately understand that appropriate education should be legally provided for free. Hence, they should be compensated for meeting the costs of private education. The school district provided a significant rationale or explanation as to why Stephen’s tuition should not be paid or compensated. The board claims that it is only the disabled learners in the public education process who benefit from the free education. The private school education process for the disabled learners is not considered in the free education budget or the IDEA. Hence, compensation should not be paid because Stephen was transferred to a private school. The parent of the disabled learners in the private schools should pay fully for the education expense. The defense team illustrated significant rationale explaining why the school district should compensate the parents. It is the legal responsibility for the school district to provide appropriate education to learners with autism like Stephen, at no cost to the parents. The district did not provide the appropriate education as illustrated through IDEA. Thus the learners with autism were transferred to a private school with the appropriate education for the learners with autism challenges. It is only fair if the school board compensated the parents for the education expenses

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