Saturday, March 14, 2020

Tuesdays with Morrie essays

Tuesdays with Morrie essays In Mitch Alboms book Tuesdays with Morrie, Morrie teaches Mitch to take some time from his busy life to enjoy, love, and cherish what he has around him. On Tuesdays, Professor Morrie Schwartz taught a class at Brandeis University; Mitch was one of his students. Mitch loved Morries classes and stayed late after class just to talk to his professor. On graduation day, he promised Morrie that he would stay in touch. As years went by Mitch became a successful newspaper sports columnist and broadcast journalist. He became used to handling phone calls, faxes, interviews, even while he was driving his car. Mitch also has a wonderful wife and a nice home, and a brother he has not talked to in years. Life for Mitch is full of deadlines and always moving fast; it is the only life he knows. One night, after a busy day of work, Mitch sits down to watch TV. While channel surfing he catches a glimpse of Nightline with Ted Kopel who was interviewing his old professor Morrie Schwartz. Morrie is telling Ted that he has Lou Gehrigs disease and that he is learning how to die. Sixteen years have passed since Mitch has seen him and decides to go for a visit. When Mitch pulled up in front of Morries, which just happened to be a Tuesday, he could see Morrie sitting in a wheel chair waiting for him. After their first reunion, Mitch and Morrie decide to meet regularly every Tuesday to talk about Morries meaning of life: family, emotions, money, marriage, our culture, fear of aging. Every week Mitch brings Morrie food to eat, though as Morries condition worsens he is no longer able to enjoy solid food. On each Tuesday visit with Morrie his condition seams to be worsening. In his first interview with Ted Kopel he admits his worst fear of having this disease and that is not being able to wipe himself after using the bathroom. Eventually, this fear comes true. As time went on he could not feed him...

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